Dance Leader Training

Jilani and Gulzar intend to lead another Dance Leader Training and Development Programme starting in 2024. Please use the contact form to leave a message if you’d like to be considered for this.

This programme is for mentored leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace, and also for those new to the path of Dance Leading. 

We invite you to embark on this deeply enriching and exciting journey with us, not only on your path as a Dance Leader, but also as an opportunity for profound personal development, spiritual growth and self-discovery. Jilani and Gulzar are currently the only mentors offering a Dance Leader training course in the UK. After running our highly successful course in 2017/18 and again in 2020/21 we are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity for a third time in 2024. 


  • Breath Practices
  • Voice Work
  • The Sacred Phrase
  • Leadership Skills
  • Developing Magnetism
  • Spiritual Walks 
  • Dance Repertoire
  • Musicianship
  • Confidence
  • The Dances as a Healing Practice
  • Energetic Holding Skills 
  • History and Background of the Dances 


I really value and honour the visible and invisible work you’ve been doing, inviting me in a very sensitive way to explore some paths where I wouldn’t have been by myself. I felt really safe and joyful about the way you’ve been holding the group and all the training.Thank you. (Solène Garrin – France)

Your capacity of listening and channelling all the situations was impeccable. Keep going please! Congratulations!  (Juan Nuraddin – Spain)

I grew up so much! Thank you!!!!!  I’m so grateful…(Paloma – Belgium)

Jilani and Gulzar know what they are doing. You can trust them. (Sarah McCulloch – UK)

Towards the One