Sufi SoulWork

What is Sufi SoulWork?

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought ‘Part of me wants to do this, and part of me wants to do something else’? This experience points to a sense of Self that is more complex than perhaps we thought. Parts of us are capable of wise and inspired guidance, while other parts of us are stuck in childhood patterns that no longer serve us.

Sufi SoulWork is a form of spiritual psychology that has arisen from the Ruhaniat stream of Sufi wisdom. It has deep roots in traditional shamanic practices, integrated with modern models of transpersonal and integrative psychology, and brings together the three primary levels of consciousness – divine, human and instinctive.

Jilani has been training in Sufi SoulWork since 2019, and was empowered to lead Group SoulWork in 2022. She is currently continuing her training to lead SoulWork with individuals.

What happens in a SoulWork session?

An intention is set for the session, and then I will guide you through a process (‘induction’) that brings the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems into balance. This works by charging the collapsed places in you with energy and life-force, while calming and soothing the agitated parts of your being. This is achieved through working with the breath and gentle movement, and aims for a state of calm alertness in which the SoulWork can unfold.

In the next part of the session I will lead you into awareness of and connection with your High Self, the most loving and luminous part of your being, your connection to Source. It may be that this is all that is needed to bring healing and wise guidance to your situation. And sometimes we will go further, supported by High Self and perhaps drawing on your inner connection with other guides or teachers, to meet and get to know some of the parts of you who have been trying so hard to keep you safe and manage your life since early childhood.

What might SoulWork do for you?

  • The ‘induction’ process allows you to access a state of relaxed alertness through balancing the nervous system. This is particularly important in creating an environment where you can feel safe and connected, which is so vital for enabling healing and positive change
  • Increase your awareness of different parts of yourself, how they relate to each other, how those patterns play out and how they affect your life
  • You may access increased calm through greater inner spaciousness and mindful awareness
  • You might experience less reactivity as you learn to understand the wounded parts of you and hold them in love and compassion
  • Learn to open to and receive guidance from the most wise and loving parts of yourself
  • Understand and deepen your connection with the Divine, the Source of all love
  • Increase your understanding of your relationships with others
  • Help you to forgive yourself and release places that were holding on so tightly
  • Discover increased freedom and release as parts of you explore finding a different role
  • Access increased creativity and playfulness through accessing and freeing the inner child
  • and much more…

Group or Individual SoulWork?

Jilani offers Group SoulWork sessions both in a retreat setting and online. This is a good way to experience SoulWork for the first time. The session will start with an induction to balance the nervous system, and then lead into a SoulWork meditation to invite a deepening relationship with Conscious Self, the witnessing part of us, and High Self, our divine soul nature. Each session will take a theme which is accessible to most people, and we usually end with a time of sharing where people can talk about their experience to ground and integrate it.

Individual SoulWork, as you might expect, is individually tailored to the client’s needs and experience. We start with a check in, where the client can raise an area they are feeling drawn to working with. We would work together to set an intention for the SoulWork, then move into an induction to balance and prepare the nervous system ready for doing deep work. Then we enter the SoulWork meditation, connecting with Conscious Self and High Self to provide grounding and support. The SoulWork can be very fluid and flexible, following the client’s process. A single session may be enough to bring profound insight and healing to that situation, or further sessions may be booked to continue the work. Usually monthly or sometimes fortnightly sessions are enough, leaving time in between sessions for integration and further meditation and exploration by the client.

If you feel drawn to working with Jilani, contact her here.

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