God Is Breath

The God is Breath program is a series of three, year-long courses designed to provide students with a broader insight into the value of embodying the fundamental teachings of our Ruhaniat Sufi lineage, and some deep, practical, individual and group experience with the core spiritual practices those teachings suggest.

As Murshid Wali Ali Meyer, the late head of the Ruhaniat’s Esoteric School and creator of this engaging and inspired program, says in Lesson 1 of the first course:

These teachings and practices are the whole of the inner methodology of the Sufi Path in a nutshell — making and using a loving connection with the Source as the vehicle of our growth. We continue to imagine and have our notion and feeling for what God is, evolving along with our own development. … By working with the God Ideal we imagine God’s Perfections, and as we do so, God imagines our own Perfections. … We aren’t separated in Truth from these Perfections or from God, only in our own experience.

The first Prayer Wheel launched in January 2023 and will run to April 2024.

I offer an in-person class once a month on Saturday mornings, and an online Zoom class on Thursday evenings. I’m envisaging the class includes dances, readings, practices, and sharing around how we are finding the ongoing practices between classes.

In my experience of following this course myself a few years ago, the companionship on the path and the sharings are some of the most powerful parts of this course; but of course the material is also very inspiring and comprehensive as a course of study, prayer and practice. The reason I want to offer this opportunity is at least in part for my own benefit, to deepen and reconnect with the beautiful practices, and to further my experience and understanding of God as Breath.

This class is now closed to new participants, but a new prayer wheel, and the second year class, will launch in 2024.

For participants:

Course 1 Lesson 1

Course 1 Lesson 2

Course 1 Lesson 3

Course 1 Lesson 4