Musician, Mother, Mystic

Leader and Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace

Guide and Companion on the Path of Universal Sufism or Spiritual Freedom

Jilani is a classically trained musician, a Certified Leader and Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace International, and a teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International (a Universal Western Sufi Order). She leads retreats and workshops all over the world and in her UK home. Through this work she helps people find connection, joy and peace through being more fully themselves, as grounded, open and loving individuals in strong, deeply connected communities.

Scroll down to see Jilani’s regular groups which you can join, as well as upcoming retreats and events.

Sufi Camp with Jilani, 25-31 August 2024

Come and immerse yourself in the beautiful Welsh countryside and ‘the Sacred Manuscript of Nature, the only book which can enlighten the reader’ (in the words of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Sufi mystic). For these days we will live together close to the land and deepen our connection to Mother Earth through many different practices, […]

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The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer

A Ceremony of Sound and Light with Jilani ‘Abwoon d’bashmaya’  Oh Thou, the breathing Life of all, Creator of the shimmering Sound that touches us! You create all that moves in Light… A residential retreat in France (in French/English) to learn and practice the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, with chants and body prayers. This workshop is […]

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Khankah of the Heart 2025

The Khankah of the Heart is a vision of a Sufi community, a Khankah, based not in a building of bricks and mortar, but in the relationships between the deep and loving hearts of its members. All fervent seekers are welcome to join, whether new to this or having been walking the path for many years.  The […]

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Dance Leader Training and Development Programme 2024-2026

Guided by Christina Gulzar Lausevic and Jilani Cordelia Prescott A two year course including four residential retreats in beautiful and comfortable venues This programme is for mentored leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace, and also for those new to the path of Dance Leading.  We invite you to embark on this deeply enriching and […]

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Sufi Group – Tuesdays

Join Jilani and Salik on Tuesdays at 7:30pm UK time for around 90 minutes on zoom as we share sacred chants and body prayers accompanied by beautiful live music on guitar and viola. These meditations involve our whole being, inviting us to experience connection with each other and with the divine. We teach all the […]

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Songs of One Breath – Fridays

Explore the pure, joyful, direct experience of mysticism rooted in practice, song, body prayer and mantra. Every Friday Jilani will be online, sharing chants, body prayers and breath practices from different traditions. Join on Zoom (see link below), or on Facebook Live. These are the practices which have brought comfort, grounding and even bliss over […]

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Zikr at the Heart Centre – Monthly

Monthly Zikr at the Heart Centre, near Hebden Bridge – in person! Usually the second Thursday of the month, at 7.30 pm. Check the calendar for the next time we meet. Contact Jilani if you would like to attend. All open-hearted spiritual seekers and lovers of the One are welcome. Please arrive ready for a […]

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