Dances of Universal Peace

What are the Dances of Universal Peace?

The Dances of Universal Peace are a joyful, embodied, sacred practice of sound and movement, using mantras from the many different spiritual traditions of the world. The chants and movements are powerful, but simple and repetitive, and easily accessible even to beginners and the less physically able. Everything is taught in the moment so anyone can join even if they have never tried it before. The Dances are a group practice, usually danced in a circle, sometimes with partners, and offer the opportunity to experience heart-opening feelings of unity and connection, grounded in embodiment and presence. They are meditation in action, and bridge the gap between the meditation cushion and everyday life, training us to meet one another and ourselves in compassion and body-centred awareness.

Dancing with Jilani

Jilani lives near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, in the misty Pennine hills of northern England. She leads Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) regularly at home and abroad. She received certification as a Dance Leader in 2007 and since then she has led workshops and retreats all over the UK, in Morocco, the USA, and in many countries throughout Europe.

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If you would like Jilani to come and share Dances of Universal Peace with your group, feel free to contact her through this website to discuss it.

‘Jilani spreads Dances as the Sun spreads light.’ Nadya (Russia)

Dance Mentoring and Training

As a trained musician and music teacher, Jilani naturally turned to helping other dance leaders to develop their skills and confidence. She has been a Dance Mentor for many years, and loves to support trainee dance leaders, as well as those with more experience. Through positive affirmation, and building on the innate qualities of each individual, she helps them to find their own way to shine and share their gifts in the service of the dances. She mentors dance leaders from many countries and has co-led two international training programmes for dance leaders, alongside her friend and colleague Gulzar Christina Lausevic.

Jilani has recently been invited to become a mentor for the Beyond Initiative. More information about this exciting project can be found here.

Jilani offers dance mentorship for a small monthly fee, which allows for 3-4 hours per year of one-to-one access to her guidance, for example on zoom. More time can be arranged if needed for a suitable fee.

If you are interested in asking Jilani about Dance Mentoring, contact her here.

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“What does dance do for us? First and foremost, it inculcates the sense of rhythm and enhances our response to rhythm. This is really a response to life. It makes us more living, which is to say, more spiritual. It brings out beauty of form and movement, and envelopes our personalities in the enjoyment of them. It takes us beyond ourselves, bringing an initial taste of the state of non-being, which is really a balm for the soul.”  

Murshid SAM

“I believe we can learn through exaltation, through ecstasy, through joy and through love. At the same time we must also keep one eye open, so to speak, on our peace, if we want strength, because strength comes out of our inner peace.”

Murshid SAM

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