Standing at the Door of the New Year

29 December 2023 – 1 January 2024

Jilani Cordelia is delighted to be back in France, in the Alps, to welcome the New Year with Dances of Universal Peace, Meditations, Celebrations, Live Music and Games.

The Dances of Universal Peace are sacred, healing dances. They draw inspiration from spiritual traditions from around the world. Through song and dance, they open us to inner peace, unity, joy. (No prior experience required, open to all.)

Through dances and various practices, Jilani Cordelia will invite us to look back at the past year with gratitude and forgiveness, and to look forward at the year to come with confidence and trust.

Info & reservation: +33 658 25 14 17

Participation: €80 before December 1st, €120 after.

Accommodation and meals extra.

Registration form on request

Accommodation: It is extra. Prices are set by Dhyan who runs “Home Shanti Home”: 20€ in your truck, 30€ for a room for 3/4 persons, 35€ for a room for 2 persons (25€ per person for a couple), 40€ in caravan or chalet for 2 persons, 50€ for a single room. These prices are per person and per night. Everyone brings sheets, pillowcases and towels.

Accommodation is limited. The first to register will be the first to be served, otherwise you will always have the option of staying outside and then joining our group.

Meals: Meals will be prepared by a cook and a cook’s assistant. Each meal will be 12€,except the festive New Year’s meal being 15€, this will make 75€ in total. Breakfasts remain your responsibility.

Registration: complete the Registration Form & make a money transfer of 30% of the total amount (participation & accommodation) to Association “Joie de l’Etre”, organizer of the event. On site, upon arrival, you will be asked for the balance in cash. If you cancel your deposit will be kept as compensation.