Sufi Group – Tuesdays

Join Jilani and Salik on Tuesdays at 7:30pm UK time for around 90 minutes on zoom as we share sacred chants and body prayers accompanied by beautiful live music on guitar and viola. These meditations involve our whole being, inviting us to experience connection with each other and with the divine.

We teach all the words, chants and movements carefully each time, so beginners can easily join. The depth of peace and devotion that can be experienced, even on Zoom, often takes us all by surprise.

How to join:
The Zoom link will be posted in our regular mail-outs, so do sign up to our email list to receive it, or if you prefer you can join our Messenger or WhatsApp groups by messaging us your details. We send regular reminders on these. The link for Jilani’s email list can be found here:

We offer these gatherings freely; however, it supports our work and our ability to provide for our family and home if you are able to offer us a donation. But no-one will be turned away for lack of funds. To donate, you can send a BACS transfer to 089286 02297358 or via Paypal – (please leave the ‘Goods and Services’ button unchecked to avoid a charge being levied).

If you aren’t able to join us for this event, or wish to experience some of our other online offerings, we have a YouTube channel where you can watch and listen to us:
We add to the recordings regularly, so do subscribe and you will be notified when we upload new videos.

3 thoughts on “Sufi Group – Tuesdays

  1. Dear Jilani,

    How lovely that you and Salik do this. Im looking forward to your teachings. Reminders and email is verry welcome about everything you do. Thank you for spreading your love, wisdom and light like this. I will work things out with paypal, to donate to this beautifull cause everytime I watch.

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